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     "Energy is the living, vibrating ground of your being, and it is your body's natural self-healing elixir, its natural medicine.                      This energy medicine, feeds body and soul and attending to it restores your natural vitality."



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             WHAT ARE THE CHAKRAS?

The Chakras are the Power Centers of the body,the Anatomy of the Spirit! 'Chakra' is a sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'.They are circular,spinning energy centers that exist in our subtle,etheric body-the non-material energetic counterpart to our physical body.These centers are critical gateways and regulators of the flow of our life-force energy into our physical body.There are 7 main chakras,aligned vertically along the spine from the tailbone up through the crown of the head.Each chakra is associated with a body part,organ and endocrine gland to which it provides energy to sustain healthy functioning.In addition, each chakra corresponds to a color,element,sense,sound and a specific spiritual lesson and an aspect of human behavior and development.The lower chakras are associated with fundamental needs and emotions and the energy vibrates at a low frequency.The higher chakras are associated with finer mental aspirations and faculties and spin at a higher frequency.The openess and flow of energy through the chakras,determines our state of health and balance.Holistic and healing practices like Reiki w/Chakra Balancing and yoga,help to release the blockages in our energetic system.


(Included in Reiki Energy Healing Session )
Every experience we ever have in life gets filtered through our chakra data-bases.Each event is recorded in our cells.If some of these experiences have been deep and traumatic and still unresolved and unreleased,they cause emotional blockages in our subtle energetic system.These blockages start to manifest in the physical body in the form of illness,depression,anxiety and dis-ease.Even constant daily stress can compromise our immune system and cause fatigue and emotional imbalances.So in effect,our 'biography becomes our biology'.Each of the 7 main chakras has a corresponding crystal/tumbled stone that the practitioner places on the recipients body in a specific sequence during the Reiki healing Session.Crystals are natures gift to supplement and magnify healing by drawing out and releasing the negative, toxic energy from the body and the human biofield-the aura, restoring balance and an overall sense of well-being  to the recipient.


                               WHAT IS REIKI?

Reiki is traditionly explained a non-invasive energy healing and relaxation therapy.Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words-Rei which means,'Gods Wisdom' and Ki which means ' life-force energy',a spiritually guided energy that sustains and nourishes our cells and organs.It enlivens us.When this flow is diminished,out of harmony or altered by stress or emotional imbalance, it causes trouble with the essential functioning of our emotional, psychological and physical states,leading to our mental , emotional and physical discomforts,disorder, dis-ease and illness.

Reiki always moves where it is needed and makes it possible to influence the balance,flow and vibration of life-force energy by assessing where the energy blocks are and then working to clear and heal the energy pathways so that our tissues and organs are better able to move into their healing process.

To me,Reiki is that and so much more!

" Reiki is Energy Medicine! It raises the frequency of our natural healing elixir - our life-force, chi, prana that sustains all the complex layers of our being, increasing our energy vibration and vitality and offering us deep insights into our mental and emotional distress and patterns of behavior that keep us stressed out, discouraged and in suffering.Reiki induces deep physical and emotional release and offers mental clarity and the intuitive self-awareness to empower our life purpose and life path with renewed hope. Reiki is a transformational Spiritual phenomenon!"

Reiki can never do harm and always works for ones highest good.

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                          WHAT IS YOGA?

Yoga is an ancient spiritual and practical science based on a harmonizing system of development for the body,mind and spirit,a tool for accessing the sacred architecture of our spirits.

Most of us are accustomed to looking outside of ourselves for fulfillment,caught up in and exhausted from 'doing' and spending little time just 'being'.

Yoga offers a direct means of stilling the natural turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of body that prevent us from knowing who we really are.The continued practice of yoga will lead you to a sense of peace and well-being.

Yoga is about self-reflection, self-development and self- realization.The word yoga means 'to yoke' or 'union'.The goal of yoga is to join with the Divine through concentration and contemplation,to create a union of the individual consciousness (soul) with the universal consciousness(Spirit).

Though many people think of yoga only as physical postures -the asanas, that have gained widespread popularity in recent decades and certainly result in a physical discipline and overall wellness,they are actually only the one aspect of this profound system of wellness.Yoga is the unfolding of the infinite human potential through a gradual process of revelation.


* Clarity and calmness of mind
* Releases tension in limbs
* Lowers blood pressure and stress levels
* Improves functioning of respiratory,
circulatory,digestive,lymphatic,hormonal and nervous systems.
* Improves flexibility and muscle strength
* Improves balance and posture
* Supports connective tissue and bone health
*Increases blood flow and heart rate
* Strengthens the spine and lubricates joints
* Invites a deeper spiritual connection
* Relaxes the body system and improves sleep
* Personal and spiritual reflection and development

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                                                      REIKI Services

   * Reiki Level 1 & 2 Course - Become a Certified Practitioner - TBD


  * Reiki Energy Healing Session- Chakra Balancing w/Crystals (90mins)$110

    Special!  Purchase  a  pkg of 3 Reiki Energy Healing Sessions w/Chakra Balancing

    and get 15% off  $280


  * Reiki Energy Healing Session for Children 12yrs and under (45min) $65


  * Host a Reiki Healing Circle(90min)- 6-15 people$35/person

   (Option:Add a 60min Yoga Practice for    additional $15/person)

                       Details under WORKSHOPS -Will travel to your choice of location on request                                        


                                                               YOGA Services

                 * Yoga Group Classes - visitwww.shaanti.yogafor class schedule and pricing                                     

  * Yoga Private Session (60min)$80 


  * Small Private Yoga Event: 2-10 people (60min)$120


  * Large Private Yoga Event: 10-35 people (60-75min)$220


  * Corporate Yoga Events -On-site Yoga Events suited to the needs of your

      company. Contact Jacqueline for details.