- Deep relaxation
- Stress and tension release
- Emotional release and comfort in distress
- Improved mental clarity and self-awareness
- Spiritual growth and increased intuition on ones purpose and life path.

Reiki has a positive effect on all forms of illness and negative conditions.This includes:
- Weak immune system
- Head and stomach aches
- Sleeping difficulties
- Digestive problems
- Burn-out and physical tension
- Unhealthy emotional behavior patterns
- Fearful and negative thinking patterns
- Negative effects of chemotherapy and medications
- Post operative pain relief
- Grief and depression

Reiki is being used as an alternative and complimentary therapy in clinics and medical settings.Reiki supports spiritual growth & overall emotional,
psychological and physical healing.No particular belief system is necessary,but it helps to have an open mind without fixed expectations.The more we surrender to Spirit,the greater the opportunity for healing to take place.


Jacqueline will start with a short consultation then will guide the recipient,who lays on a massage table,into a state of relaxation.She sets the intention for the treatment and then scans the recipients body to access any areas that need additional healing-'byosen scannng'.Jacqueline gently lays her hands on or just above the recipients fully clothed body, particularly over the energy centers, known as "chakras" and at this point receives visuals and valuable insights from Spirit,intended for the recipient ,which she will share and discuss..Crystals are added to enhance the healing and deep release takes place. Then the session moves on to sealing the chakras so the recipient is not left vulnerable after their energy has been modified.The session will end with a smudging and an Oracle card reading. Reiki feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that surrounds and fills the recipient and includes feelings of peace and well-being - "Reiki is like a hug for the Soul" Sensations ranging from soothing,cool tinglings to warm waves are common. Sometimes recipients fall into a deep sleep,see colors, experience visions or insights during a treatment and emotional release is common.Each experience is unique,however one is always left feeling refreshed with a more positive, balanced outlook.

“Our bodies are so wise, and they are always speaking to us. It is up to us to listen to them. That is a key to owning our wellness”

Step into Wellness

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From a metaphysical point of view, good energy effects our "matter" in a good way. Bad energy effects our "matter" in a bad way. Sometimes, there is enough bad energy that some of it gets completely and totally stuck in our "matter" permanently. It makes us feel bad.
Then over time as more bad energy gets stuck, your matter becomes denser and denser (vibrating at a lower level) because of all the stuck energy (bad energy). Your chakras get blocked. Energy stagnates. When energy stagnates disease, depression and lethargy etc can settle in because an energetic blockage can become a physical blockage
We then need a lot of good energy to come along and unstick it. That's where energy healing steps in.
Jacqueline has been trained and attuned to act as a channel for healing energy that removes energy blockages allowing the body to self heal. Reiki Practioners open their crown chakra and allow themselves to be a channel for pure, white light, universal energy by using some or all of the following techniques - their energy charged hands, essential oils, guidance from Spirit, crystals,intuition,intention and reiki symbols. That energy then flows through the Reiki practitioner's body/aura/cells down their arms, and out through their hands where it flows into the client's body/aura/cells, entraining and realigning the energy of the recipient to a higher

frequency which is its natural state.

To get the most out of your Energy Healing Treatment,it is recommended
*That you minimize stimulants (caffeine,nicotine) or depressants (alcohol) and heavy or junk food about 3-5 hrs before and after your treatment
*Arrive promptly to ensure you receive your full session time.
*Drink plenty of water to continue releasing and healing.
*A single session can have deeply relaxing and beneficial results, however if a client wants to experience deeper and longer lasting benefits or use reiki for more serious conditions,it is recommended to start with a set of 4 treatments within a short period of time.This helps the bodys energy centers to open on deeper levels to enable healing to occur more effectively.


Shaanti Yoga ,Lake forest offers a variety of Hatha yoga and Hatha flow classes that are suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners.Jacqueline and the experienced teachers at Shaanti Yoga studio create a safe,friendly and nurturing space for their students. Please visit the following website for group class schedule and rates.


One-on-one Private yoga sessions are perfect for the brand new yogi ,for someone working with an injury or for a practitioner who is looking to take their practice deeper in a short amount of time as you can learn in a few sessions what can take weeks to learn in a class.

Private yoga sessions will offer an introduction to the fundamentals of yoga that will specifically serve  the student.Jacqueline can help the student understand ways to practice that will be mindful to the practice of healing and managing dis-ease and pain.The Private sessions allow Jacqueline to see the student through all the layers of the body,incorporating meditation,breathwork,postures and energy work(when appropriate)


Jacqueline is available for Corporate Events at YOUR location
Yoga improves overall health and fitness of employees,fosters a sense of community and camaraderie in the workplace, improves focus and reduces stress levels .Increased vitality and energy increases productivity.
What you need:
 • A quiet, open and comfortable space suitable for your group size. Boardroom, lunchroom, spare office, conference room, gymnasium or auditorium are all popular options.