.....We are souls with bodies...Not bodies with souls.....

We enter this world as feeling creatures,fully present to ourselves,alive with

possibility. Somewhere along our journey, the energy of our spirit is weakened by deep and traumatic experiences,negative attitudes,belief systems and unhealthy habits.

Through holistic practices like reiki energy healing,yoga and meditation,we can raise our energy vibration and facilitate the bodies natural healing abilities,bringing more peace and balance to our mind,body and spirit.

Quantum physicists have confirmed the reality of the basic vibratory essence of life.Human DNA vibrates at a rate of 52-78 gigahertz(billions of cycles per second).It cannot be denied that life-force energy is not static,it moves around.Therefore any blockages in that life-force energy drain us of physical,emotional,psychological and spiritual power.

As kirlian photography shows,we are electromagnetic beings with not just a physical body but an energetic body that documents the effects of emotional energy,past and present on our physical body.Deep and traumatic experiences as far back as birth,adopted belief systems and negative attitudes are recorded in our bodies on a cellular level.Until these impressions are released,the frequency of our cells and the integrity of our energetic system is altered causing our life force energy to become blocked.

The conventional medical world will eventually recognize the link between energy or spiritual dysfunction and illness.In the meantime,we can help ourselves by building a bridge to our spirits by learning the language of energy,engage in holistic practices like reiki and yoga and begin to care for and listen to both our bodies and spirits.


Jacqueline Weeks

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since 2006,is a certified Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and has a 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification through YogaWorks. Her love affair with yoga began from the first time she stepped onto her mat. She will be forever a devoted student of yoga and believes yoga and reiki is what helped her overcome body image issues and health challenges,keeping her grounded, healthy and positive. She is fascinated with the importance of the subtle body,our energetic system and studies,engages in and offers practices that help to evolve and keep healthy the consciousness and anatomy of her spirit and body as well as the spirit and body of those she has the privilege of teaching and serving.Jacqueline teaches yoga with a warm,light-hearted spiritual approach, weaving into her classes philosophy, breath work, alignment cues and sequences of postures that integrate a balance of both precision and flow .She believes in offering her students a safe and well-rounded practice that builds strength, flexibility and balance, leaving students with a level of stillness, improved self-awareness and rejuvenation. Jacqueline makes her classes suitable for every body and respects where each individual is in their body by offering the use of modifications and props.Her reiki sessions are calming and nurturing, always devoted to the highest good of her clients.Jacqueline enjoys sharing with others the beautiful practices and unique ability of reiki and yoga to benefit the mind, breath, body and spirit-creating an integrated whole.
“Health is wealth, Peace of mind is happiness. Reiki and Yoga shows the way”