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                                                      REIKI Services

   * Reiki Level 1 & 2 Course - Become a Certified Practitioner - TBD


 *Reiki Healing Session (75 min)$130

*Reiki Healing Session with 15min Sound Healing (90 mins) $145

    Special!  Purchase 3 (75min) Reiki Healing Sessions and get 15% off ($60)  $330 


  * Reiki and Sound Healing Session for Children 12yrs and under (60min) $100


                                                                                               YOGA SERVICES

                      * Yoga Group Classes - visit  for class schedule and pricing                                     

  * Yoga Private Session (60min)$80 


  * Small Private Yoga Event: 2-10 people (60min)$200


  * Large Private Yoga Event: 10-35 people (60-75min)$400


  * Corporate Yoga Events -On-site Yoga Events suited to the needs of your

      company. Contact Jacqueline for details.

     "Energy is the living, vibrating ground of your being, and it is your body's natural self-healing elixir, its natural medicine.                      This energy medicine, feeds body and soul and attending to it restores your natural vitality."



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If we want to understand energy work and our vital energy body,we need to think in terms of  "energy, frequency and vibration.”
We have a physical body – a highly organized anatomical system and we have an energy or Spirit body.The ENERGY part of ourselves is a highly perceptual system - both the transmitter and recorder of all our thoughts, all our interactions and all our experiences (both positive and negative) .The emotional frequency from these experiences becomes encoded/imprinted in our body on a cellular level, influencing and altering the formation of our cell tissue which then generates a quality of energy that reflects these emotions.
We are an “embodied relational process” .
Everything from birth till present - all our past and present relationships, both personal and professional, any profound emotional experience, traumatic event,all our memories, belief systems and attitudes carry an energetic frequency that entangles with our physical body systems.
We are an “ entangled process” and furthermore, we entangle with the energy of other minds and bodies, pollution, poor diet and the daily stressors of life.
From a metaphysical point of view, good energy affects our "matter" in a good way. Bad energy affects our "matter" in a bad way. Sometimes, there is enough bad energy that some of it gets completely and totally stuck in our "matter" permanently. It makes us feel bad. It lingers and colors our enjoyment of the present.
 Because we weave our Spirit, our Soul, our consciousness into everything we think, everything we feel , everyone we meet and everything we experience, the flow of energy within us and in our electromagnetic field around us can easily become dense, stuck and diminished .Our Spirit body then becomes sick and weak from disharmony and subsequently the quality of our lives, our relationships and the condition of our mental, emotional and physical well-being reflects that.
Much like we practice personal hygiene, we need to practice “energy hygiene” – cleansing and purifying practices for our energy body to maintain a sense of balance within and support our overall well-being


                          WHAT IS YOGA?

Yoga is an ancient spiritual and practical science based on a harmonizing system of development for the body,mind and spirit,a tool for accessing the sacred architecture of our spirits.

Most of us are accustomed to looking outside of ourselves for fulfillment,caught up in and exhausted from 'doing' and spending little time just 'being'.

Yoga offers a direct means of stilling the natural turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of body that prevent us from knowing who we really are.The continued practice of yoga will lead you to a sense of peace and well-being.

Yoga is about self-reflection, self-development and self- realization.The word yoga means 'to yoke' or 'union'.The goal of yoga is to join with the Divine through concentration and contemplation,to create a union of the individual consciousness (soul) with the universal consciousness(Spirit).

Though many people think of yoga only as physical postures -the asanas, that have gained widespread popularity in recent decades and certainly result in a physical discipline and overall wellness,they are actually only the one aspect of this profound system of wellness.Yoga is the unfolding of the infinite human potential through a gradual process of revelation.


* Clarity and calmness of mind
* Releases tension in limbs
* Lowers blood pressure and stress levels
* Improves functioning of respiratory,
circulatory,digestive,lymphatic,hormonal and nervous systems.
* Improves flexibility and muscle strength
* Improves balance and posture
* Supports connective tissue and bone health
*Increases blood flow and heart rate
* Strengthens the spine and lubricates joints
* Invites a deeper spiritual connection
* Relaxes the body system and improves sleep
* Personal and spiritual reflection and development

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 Reiki is traditionally explained as a non-invasive, Japanese energy healing therapy.
Rei – means “Universal” and Ki –means “ Life-force”. Divine, universal life-force energy exists within us and within everything and everyone around us .In all of creation! While our breath (our “prana”) sustains us , it is our life-force energy that animates us and enlivens us.Life-force energy nourishes our cells and organs. When this flow is diminished,out of harmony or altered by stress or emotional imbalance, it causes trouble with the essential functioning of our emotional, psychological and physical states,leading to our mental , emotional and physical discomforts,disorders, dis-ease and illness.

A Reiki practitioner uses their hands on the clients fully clothed body and over the 7 main energy centers, called Chakras, to  identify where energy is blocked in the body and gain insights into the cause ,while simultaneously channeling a high vibrational energy into the body, influencing the balance,flow and vibration of energy.If the recipients body is vibrating at a low frequency, Reiki assists in entraining the energy body to a higher frequency which clears energy pathways to our organs and tissues and gets our energy flowing in a more harmonious way so that we feel an overall sense of well-being -relaxed, peaceful and more positive.


* Reiki Healing- using 'palo santo', essential oils and specific crystals and stones for each of the Chakras

(the main energy data-bases in the body)

* Post Reiki Session Consultation with you about the information (messages/ insights) revealed during the Reiki session

*Optional 15 min Sound Healing(add $15) See details below

*Volcanic Stone sweep” on the body to close the session

Reiki = Energy Medicine!

Reiki energy can never do harm and always work for ones highest good.


​ A bamboo venik, crystal singing bowls ,drumming, tingsha and koshi chimes are used on, over and around the body ( add $15) 

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