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"Just like the lotus,we too have the ability to rise out of the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into theworld"

~Author unknown



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If you're searching for Reiki healers on Yelp, you already know what they are and why you need one. With that said, look no further: You could not find a more caring and compassionate healer than Jacqueline Weeks.
I met Jackie when I joined Shaanti Yoga almost five years ago. After attending one of her Reiki workshops, I booked several Reiki sessions with Jackie. The Reiki has provided me a balance, resilience, and clarity of consciousness that I could not have achieved otherwise. I can say with certainty that Jacqueline's strong energy, insight, and wisdom has been transformational.
Whether you're Reiki regular or a Reiki reluctant, be 100% assured that Jackie is the real deal. A beautiful person, inside and out, her light and healing is truly a gift to everyone who receives it. Don't wait to book a session. You'll be very glad that you did!

-Vickie H


I have been going to Jacqueline's yoga classes for almost a year. She is an amazing teacher. I have had the best yoga experience ever. She offers both spiritual and physical practices in her classes.Also I had a couple of Reiki sessions with her. She is a wonderful guide. She has a very comforting and calming energy. There is no word to describe my experience. After each session, a lot has opened up for me and still is...Reiki has changed my life for the better. I am so grateful to have her as a teacher, as a guide and as a friend...If you are open to Reiki, then go see Jacqueline.  

-Nesli G               

"I've been going to Jacqueline's classes for a couple months and they are simply wonderful. I so look forward to it throughout the week as much-needed stress relief and a way to focus my mind on something positive. Jacqueline is a fantastic teacher and structures her practice so it's doable for any level - with modifications as I've been building strength/confidence and now more challenges as I'm ready for them. Jacqueline's energy and teaching style are nurturing and compassionate. I feel very comfortable in class trying things that I might not have tried before or felt intimidated by. She genuinely cares about her students and believes in us as we're exploring and growing. She also brings a very balanced spirituality to class that really complements the physical practice. I actually can't say enough nice things about Jackie and I'm just really grateful to have found her!"

-Ambika B

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"I am very happy that I was able to experience a Reiki healing with Jacqueline. The healing session was relaxing and she assisted me in releasing stuck energy in several areas of my life. She took her time and guided me through the session always making sure that I was comfortable. She is a wonderful healer and person. Since my healing session I have experienced several wonderful shifts in my life and have made some life changing decisions. I am grateful for the experience and highly recommend a healing session with her. "

-Sam G.

Reiki - One MUST experience Reiki from Jaqueline.She is extremely gifted. Her visions are accurate in narrating the past and providing guidance for future. I'm forever grateful to her for helping me resolve past wounds that was causing agony and physical illness. I'm fully recovered now and Jaqueline/Reiki has a big part to play in it. I was totally moved by her ability to empathize to an extent that she was crying based on the visions she saw and how much pain I was in. She has started incorporating Shamanic healing and I was amazed by the visual changes that I could witness right there. It is incredible to experience Reiki through Jaqueline and I wish everyone had a chance to benefit as I did.
Yoga - I've been a regular to Jaqueline's yoga classes for a year and a half now. I was introduced to her through a friend and I was hooked from the first class. Jaqueline is authentic in the asanas, naming them accurately and reciting mantras. She is nimble in maintaining the temperature, lighting incense or spraying essential oils - it's a treat to all senses. She always switches up the routine so I never get bored. I admire her ability to remember everyone's names and routines. She is always nice, gentle, smiling and has sense of humor. If you can't tell by now, I throroughly enjoy her Yoga classes and don't take any other classes in the studio. Yoga also helped me recover from health issues.
Tharini J


" Reiki is Energy Medicine! It raises the frequency of our natural healing elixir - our life-force, chi, prana that sustains all the complex layers of our being, increasing our energy vibration and vitality and offering us deep insights into our mental and emotional distress and patterns of behavior that keep us stressed out, discouraged and in suffering.Reiki induces deep physical and emotional release and offers mental clarity and the intuitive self-awareness to empower our life purpose and life path with renewed hope. Japanese Reiki Healing is a transformational Spiritual phenomenon!" ~ Jacqueline Weeks

Love and Healing xo

Jacqueline Weeks,Mission Viejo,Orange County,CA (949)981-5301

"I've been doing Reiki with Jacqueline since experiencing it for the first time in Bali and she is absolutely amazing! I've had the best experience working with her. If you're thinking of trying Reiki and want a compassionate and genuine experience, give Jacqueline a shout."

-Lindsey L

"I recently met Jacqueline for a reiki session and I was very impressed by her knowledge and expertise. I never had reiki before, so I didn't know what to expect. The results for me were subtle but apparent. Jacqueline has such a kind spirit and is definitely someone who can you feel safe and comfortable with. I always wanted to try reiki and am glad I chose Conscious Connection for my first experience!"

- Jamie F 

I first met Jackie from taking her yoga classes at Shaanti Yoga.  Because of her amazing energy in yoga; I thought I'd try reiki.  To be honest, I I had no idea what reiki was and I was a bit skeptical about anything like it; but there is something about Jackie, that made me want to try.  What an incredible experience I had!  I had my session at the beginning of 2021; I was going through a lot of changes and wanted to clear my energy so I can be more mindful with the decisions that I needed to make.  Not only, did I feel very cleansed, energetically, but Jackie noticed something not right in my throat chakra.  I happened to have had a physical shortly after, and it turned out I had a major issue going on in my upper GI.  I was blown away!  After my wonderful experience with Jackie, I'm a true believer in not only reiki but Jackie's incredible talents.  I'm looking forward to another session and would recommend anyone try it!
Thanks again Jackie!!
-Nancy G

Jackie is an absolutely amazing human being. I first started going to her yoga classes and her positive energy just radiates off her. I was so excited when I found out she does reiki! I had an unbelievable reiki session with her and I can't wait to have another one. That reiki session helped me heal things in my life that needed healing. And significantly impacted my life in such a positive way, it's hard to put it into words. I highly recommend her services, you will not regret it.
Thanks again Jackie!

-Kellie W

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jacqueline! I met her in 2013 when I was just beginning my healing journey. I had suffered from anxiety and grief and had finally come to a place where I was willing to explore and move beyond. I remember the first class with Jacqueline and how I felt after I left. I was happy, clear, open which felt like the first time in years! I have continued my yoga practice and often seek like minded conversations with her. She was my first and most profound yoga teacher. Her gentle nature shows through in her classes and in individual sessions. Her energy is grounded yet  feminine and compassionate. I highly recommend Jacqueline if you are looking to explore and grow through yoga, reiki and other awareness based practices."

-Denie S