Being a teen is not easy! They deal with lots of stress, anxiety, raging hormones, mood swings, low self-esteem and sometimes depression. Experiencing reiki will give a teenager an opportunity to feel at peace, safe with their friends to release feelings and explore emotions that come up, develop empathy and feel more attuned to their physical and spiritual selves. This circle would be a great gift for your teen and their friends!

Host a 90min Reiki Healing Circle (with 6 - 10 attendees) and your participation is FREE!
  *Each Reiki Circle includes a discussion about Reiki, a Reiki Healing

Attunement, guided meditation, share opportunities, in-class

worksheet and optional yoga practice

     LOCATION: Baker Ranch Yoga, Lake Forest or YOUR choice of suitable location
COST: $35/person (Option: Add a 60 min Yoga Practice, additional $15/person)
(Price includes a small special gift for each participant)
CONTACT: Jacqueline Weeks via email: jacqueline@ccreikiyoga.com
or (949) 981-5301 or Contact page on this site.

*NOTE: Any of the Reiki Healing Circles can be adjusted to suit the needs of your group.

Workshops / Reiki Healing Circles /Special Events

Share with other friend couples, this wonderful way to nurture your marriage and yourself on a profoundly spiritual level. Reiki helps to remove mental and emotional blockages that prevent us from being our best to our partners, our marriages and ourselves .reiki helps to facilitate deeper intimacy and gentle communication, the release of old habits and resentments and create a stronger spiritual bond.


 JUNE - upcoming events

An opportunity to deepen your friendships and renew, release and reinvent yourself .As you experience the releasing ,balancing and spiritually comforting benefits of reiki  together, through laughter and tears you will be filled with deeper clarity, love and gratitude as this circle offers the space to open your heart and share with others who desire to be spiritually plugged in.
(A unique Birthday Celebration idea .Bring the cupcakes!)

A reiki healing circle offers a profound shift on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level, releasing within the body any energetic blockages that cause us resistance, grievances and dis-ease, leaving us with a comforting, balanced and positive sense of well-being.



The body of an expectant mother goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy; the energy balance in your body is under constant pressure, potentially making you “weaker” physically and emotionally. Experiencing reiki during pregnancy helps balance your energies and cleanses body and spirit, helping you relax deeply .This is highly beneficial in helping your pregnancy to develop in a stable and natural manner and your unborn baby and partner can benefit from the gentle and balancing energy of reiki too. This circle is great for expecting moms and their friends or partners

Grief is a process of adjusting to a new reality .When in grief, we may experience very deep emotions ranging from shock, anger, sadness, and confusion with moments of relief .It may feel like someone ripped apart your aura and took a piece of you. By allowing yourself to be filled with reiki, release emotion and share in a safe space, you may start to open up to finding the beauty in the breakdown, leaving you feeling lighter and free. Better able to live in the now with your heart more open. This circle is suitable for a grieving family or friends grieving together.